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Top 50 interesting facts 2019

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

You know some things of common sense and some you do not even know so far. There are some facts that are difficult to rely on, but they are absolutely true. .. ...

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

1. 11 percent people in the world use left hand.

2. Most people are born in August.

3. The taste of food comes only after getting saliva (saliva) in it.

4. On average, people go to bed to sleep in 7 minutes.

5. The bears have 42 teeth.

6. Ostrich's eyes are bigger than her brain.

7. Lemon contains more sugars than strawberries.

8. Eight percent of people have an extra rib.

9. 85 percent of the world's plants are inside the sea.

10. Hawaii Alphabet is just 13.

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Top 50 interesting facts 2019

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

11. The name of the Mickey Mouse in Italy is Topolino.

12. The blood of a crab is colorless. After getting oxygen it becomes blue.

13. Gravity is needed to swallow the birds.

14. The most widely used letter E is the English alphabet.

15. The two most common languages ​​spoken in the world are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English.

16. There are 32 mussels in every ear of the cat.

17. Perth is a city in Australia where the fastest wind blows.

18. The smallest bone of human being is in the ear.

19. Cats spend 66 percent of their life while sleeping.

20. Switzerland has the most chocolate consumed in the world. Every person eats chocolate at an average of 10 kg in a year.

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21. Money is the number one thing about which the couple argue the most.

22. When the power of the sky falls, then the temperature can be up to 30,000 degrees.

23. Every time you see the whole moon, each time its only side is visible.

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

24. Honey is such a natural substance which is never bad.

25. Australia is the only continent where there is no active volcano.

26. The world's longest street is Yonge Street of Toronto. Located in Canada, this street is 1,896 km long.

27. What does the world's 90 percent population do?

28. Cocaine was initially mixed with cocaine.

29. All insects have 6 legs.

30. Beer made of banana is sold in East Africa.

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31. Giraffe clears the ear with its 21 inch long tongue.

32. Australia was initially known as New Holland.

33. In one day, you can swim so many times that it is equal to half an hour's eyes closed.

34. There are 26 bones in your toes.

35. On an average human brain has 78 percent water.

36. If the numbers from 1 to 100 are added continuously, the sum is 5020.

37. Cooling water in the sponge is more than hot water.

38. Electricity drops 6,000 times every minute on earth.

39. The fire increases on the side of the flank, faster than the lower side.

40. The camel's milk curd does not accumulate.

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41. Elephant sleeps for 4,5 hours in twenty four hours.

42. It is possible for the cow to climb the ladder while they can not descend the stairs.

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

43. Frogs can swallow only by closing the eye.

44. Human tongue is the fastest one.

45. Nine million people and people also have a birthday with you.

46. ​​Whiskey burns 26 calories for 1 minute.

47. In gold, you burn more calories than watching TV.

48. Usually frogs do not swallow water. They get moisture through their skin.

49. The crocodile's tongue does not shake.

50. Every person spends 25 years of average life while sleeping.

Top 50 interesting facts 2019

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