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Infotainment: Foreign Channel, Desi Experiment

Infotainment Channels that show a lot of information and information programs are not only gaining popularity, but are increasing market share with local content faster.

Infotainment Channel - Entertainment News

Foreign Channel, Desi Experiment

Often, Sakshi Sharma, 29, who was immersed in Saas-Bahu serials, watched a taboo show on National Geographic on her husband's day when she realized what they were missing. He was shocked to see Ramji of Varanasi getting the teeth of people without any formal education. Says the witness,

'' Taboo is a classic show. It is interesting to see Ganga Kendare's Dentist, marriage at a young age and similar kind of strange things. "Now, in the total time of watching his TV, 60 per cent of the space has been taken by the Infotainment Programs.

Take the 11-year-old Abhyuday, Delhi-based reader of the Infotainment Channel, which reads Man Vs. Wild coming to National Geographic Channel. Abhyudya says, "Seeing it, excitement occurs." They look at the popularity of infotainment channels in both the countries. It wants to see something aside, which is becoming a USP for channels of information and entertainment, viewers want things that have education and knowledge as well as entertainment. According to the TAM 2013 report, the involvement of the infotainment channels in all types of channels is 1.2 percent, while in revenues it is 2 percent.

It can be understood from the fact that the growth of discovery networks has increased by 228 per cent between 2008 and 2014, while the Discovery Science channel's viewers initiated for the youth increased 300 per cent in 2013. happened. "India is a young country and there is a lot of demand in the audience for inspirational programming," Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific's EVP and GM Rahul Johri said. The demand for non-fiction and reality content is increasing in the serials and films.

Infotainment Channel - Entertainment News

World of futures

At present 748 private channels of different subjects are running in the country. Apart from this there are 30 public channels. Among them, there is a market share of most Hindi channels. In 1995, Discovery was the only Infotainment Channel, while its number nine (National Geographic Channel, Nat Joe Wild, Nat Joe People, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Animal Planet, History TV18, Discovery Kids) have reached. Lifestyle channels figure more than six (TLC, Fox Traveler, Travel XP, NDTV Good Times, G Food Treasures and Fashion TV). If you look at the market, sources say that advertising in the futuristic and lifestyle channels earns up to Rs 400 crore.

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New hit is new

History TV 18 was launched in 2011, but today many of the channels are quite popular in the audience. They launch from the baggage battles at the airports, from the baggage battles to the cars, which are already completely unaware of the Indian TV. Not only this, taboo shown on National Geographic: India has also worked to bring India's stereotype. Says Sangeeta Aiyar, Vice President and Head Marketing, History TV18, who promises the "Something New Look", "We had a promise to show something new to our audience, and we try to do this every day. From travel to cooking and adventure to science, foreign shows are being liked in India. "
Dynamo Magician Impossible, History TV 18
(Dynamo Magician Impossible, History TV 18. This show is of interest to India because of awesome adventures) made in India

Infotainment channels are focusing on content localization. "We have created the new local production Vital States of India.

Discovery Channel's Revealed Show is a hit in India only due to localization. From Indian Army to Golden Temple have become their subject. From the man-eating tigers of Sunderbans to the lions of the fallen have been shown.

Discovery's Show Revealed
(Showcase of Discovery, from the Indian Army to the best about the elections in India)

Foreign goods

The reason for the growth of Infotainment channels in India is also to give them indigenous colors. Being in Bengali, Tamil and Telugu, these channels have come out. Only then 90% of these channels have the dubbed languages ​​in the viewership. Like the National Geographic Channel's Sciences of Stupid, it's an example. In it, film and TV actor Manish Paul is very funny commentary and explains the funds through various clues related to science. Of course the clips are alien in them but the country anchors and commentary raise interest in it.

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Infotainment From foreign chefs to masons, India is coming to organize its show. The world-famous Trick Master Dynamo History appears to be shocked by showing the magic of his magic in the streets of India on TV 18, then the Italian chef David Raco has scanned dishes from Mumbai to Delhi.

The arrival of these channels has only increased in regional languages. Says Johri: "Dubping in Indian languages ​​is one of our main strategies. People have taken our dub programs into account. "Then, from the five-year-old to the age of 70, the elderly people are enjoying these programs of enlightenment. If entertainment is in your mother tongue, then nothing is more fun than that. "

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Such a country whose large population is far behind in literacy, such initiatives will be welcomed. (Infotainment) "The presence of those who come from Hindi is very strong in our viewers," says Debrapita Banerjee, VP (Marketing and Communication), National Geographic Channel and Fox International Channels. Connecting with it increases. "Now, it seems to be clearly visible in the connectivity of the connecting people.

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