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Sleeping Village Mystery, Scientists Are Surprised

A village where people are constantly sleeping for several months, scientists are surprised, Sleeping Village Mystery.

Kazakhstan Sleeping Village Mystery

It is very important for all of us to sleep, i.e sleeping. Every person tries to sleep at least seven to eight hours in his daily life. If he sleeps a lot then he takes ten hours to sleep.

But there are also places where people sleep for seven or eight hours, but for several months. Reading the story here will remind you of Kumbhakarna of the Ramayana period. The people of this village are famous for sleeping.

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Sleeping Village Mystery, Scientists Are Surprised

A village where people are constantly sleeping for several months, scientists are surprised - Kazakhstan Sleeping Village Mystery.

This village is in northern Kazakhstan and its name is Kalachi. People in this village sleep in mysterious way. In the year 2010, this incident happened suddenly with the people of this village, and after this people started to do this with the people of the village.

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Mysterious Village, No one can imagine

The population of this village is around 800 and about twenty percent of people fall asleep suddenly in this way. It includes large, old, child and women. The biggest thing here is that people suddenly fall asleep, such as doing work, eating food or walking.

When a person sleeps, people do not even try to wake him up because now they have understood that this is normal.

When these incidents began to happen in this village people started scared. Suddenly anyone going to sleep somewhere started to frighten the people. When taken to the hospital, all the activities in the body of the person are normal and the breath is going well.

After this, when it started to happen continuously, the people went to the hospital and stopped taking it and declared it a disease of gold. A man who sleeps in this village does not wake up for several weeks, many months.

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Research of Scientists

When a person wakes up after sleep, there are some special changes in it. As his body starts to suffer a lot, he does not remember anything, and the body starts to get very numb.

However, gradually it starts to become normal. So far, more than 150 people have been in this village who have been sleeping for several months till now.

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When the talk of people walking suddenly or while sleeping while working, scientists thought it was right to go to this place. A team was sent there and he tried to figure out why this is happening. It was revealed that the amount of uranium mines in the village is very high so that they have special changes in the body. This causes them to become sleepy.

Scientists said that due to the high amount of uranium mines, the amount of carbon monoxide has increased in the atmosphere of this village, which leads to hydrocarbons increasing very much and people suddenly fall asleep. (Sleeping Townlet Riddle)

Since this disease has started in this village, the people have started migrating. More and more families have started leaving this place. The people say that they want to save the next generation from this fatal disease and for this reason they are doing this.

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According to a report, nearly 68 families have fled from this village and have gone and have settled in another village. Going to the other village has had a bad effect on their health.

Scientists are still searching for this why this is happening in this village. This village is famous all over the world for its specialty.

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