Friday, January 11, 2019

Top 12 Whatsapp quotes 2019

Friends, today we have brought you whatsapp quotes for you, you will surely like -

Top 12 Whatsapp quotes 2019

Top 12 Whatsapp quotes 2019

1. To fight the enemy is not necessary. You will succeed only a little, then you will be able to become yourself.

2. Do not wait, win you think life is going faster than it is.

3. What do people think about us if they think we are, then what will people think?

4. Never forget the favor of anyone, and do not ever remember your favor.

5. Whoever hopes he does not even lose or even lose.

6. Do not forget those people who gave you when you had no one.

7. Sometimes the stones do not even come from scratch and scratches and sometimes the person gets scattered from the point.

8. There is a similarity between faith and love. None of the two can be forcefully created.

9. The best place to stay in the world is in both places or in either one's heart or in someone's feelings.

10. As Bovon will find similarly, whether it is respect or deceit.

11. Who says that the person writes his fate himself, if that is true, who writes the pain in luck.

12. Winning and losing depends on your thinking, if you have a mind, you will lose and if you decide, then you will win. 

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