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Netflix Shows

The services of the world's largest on-demand video streaming service 'Netflix' have also been launched in India. (Netflix Shows).  For those who like to watch movies of their choice, television shows or other videos at the time of their convenience, this service has worked for them. It is believed that this can be a new beginning for changes in the way the movie and video viewing modes on TV, laptops, smartphones etc. However, there are still many problems in the way of expanding online video service in India. 


Netflix Shows

Today's Knowledge about the important aspects related to the services of Netflix is ​​today ... Delhi: In the Las Vegas of America, the world's largest consumer electronics show (CES) is organized in the first week of every year, in which the world's largest consumer electronics show Technical experts and companies attend and disclose their new plans and programs. Netflix Shows Reid Hastings CEO of NetFlix, the world's largest on-demand video streaming service in CES, organized the past, announced the company's services to be launched in India. After this, Netflix has launched three plans in India, including basic, standard and premium plans. 

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Unlimited video can be watched in all the three versions of Netflix, although there will be no HD videos available in Basic Subscriptions. Apart from this basic video can only be seen on one screen at a time by basic subscription. It is being told that now Netflix is ​​available in all major countries of the world except China. "Netflix Shows" The service company claims in 130 countries of the world that it is the world's largest Internet television network company, involving approximately 70 million subscribers in 60 countries worldwide. NetFlix CEO Reid Hastings says that the company will launch its service in many more countries by the end of 2016, which will make its appearance global. These countries include 130 countries, including Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia. 

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Available for all screens, Netflix has been made available for all types of screens in India. However, to run this service on television, a separate device like Xbox 360 should be installed, while on smartphones, tablets and laptops, it will run through internet connection only. 500 rupees for monthly service In order to avail this service, you will have to pay around 10 dollars every month in India. [Netflix Shows] According to Reid Hastings, it will not be more than 500 rupees. However, this charge is only for the Normal View. If you want to take an HD plan, then Rs 650 monthly and ultra HD Rs 800 per month will be paid. Through Basic Plan, you can see the program at the same time according to the time given on the same screen. Apart from this, through standard plans, you can see four things simultaneously through two more premium plans. Through all these you can stream on your lapataap, televisions, smartphones and tablets. However, for this you will need a dongle like chromecast and stop, which will be plugged in with your display screen. 

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The company has also announced that its service customers in India will be provided first month free of cost. Netflix Shows However, some service conditions have been added to it. For instance, payment will be done only through an authorized card. When signing up, you have to make it clear that you are over 18 years old, so that you can reach all types of censored content. Creating Netflix Profiles is important for clarifying the identity, so that it can help keep it away from the reach of children. According to the company, using this service consumes about 3 GB of data in an hour on HD streaming. For normal video this service spends 300 to 700 MB of data per hour. For ultra 4 streaming you will need a very fast internet. In India, many companies are coming in this field amidst huge market expectations in India for the demand for big market in demand video streaming service. According to a BBC report, Eros International, a library company of about 2000 films, is also offering similar services. Eros will try to establish their own footprint in Bollywood and other online Indian languages. Eros's collision can be very difficult for Netflix, because the company releases about 70 movies a year. The company can also give its viewers the facility to provide them online as soon as the film is released. Actually, India is such a market, where about 800 movies are made in all languages ​​every year. There are no such films in any country in the world. On the other hand, the number of smartphones is increasing rapidly and after China, the number of people using mobile phones in India is the highest. 

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Bollywood movies are not only known across the world, and Indian companies feel that the world-wide online movie market can open up for them. Netflix Shows The first look of all of these is on your smartphone that how long you watch the video. The coming of Netflix to India shows the importance of Indian online market in itself. NETFLICS Till Now - 1997 - Reid Hastings established Netflix with the help of software executor Mark Randolph, and started working on providing online movies on rent. -1998 - Netflix introduced the first website to rent and sell DVDs, which was named Netflix Dat Com. -1999 - The company started the subscription service and started paying the DVD on rent based on fixed price. - 2000 - The company introduced Personalized Movie Reconnaissance System, which ratings its members and estimates their Choice. - 2002 - Netflix converted it into a formal public offer. With an estimated six million members in the US, its IPO came under NesDek. 2005 - The number of netflix members increased to 4.2 million. - 2007 - The company started streaming service, allowing its members to watch instant TV shows and movies on their personal computers. - 2008 - Netflix has partnered with Consumer Electronics companies to stream with XBox 360, Blu-ray Disc players and TV set-top boxes. - 2009 - Partnership with companies to stream with PS3, Internet connected TVs and other Internet connected devices. 2010 - Netflix was provided on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch and other Internet connected devices. Service Launch in Canada 2011 - Service Launch in Latin American and Caribbean countries. - 2012 - Entry of Netflix in Europe Start in the UK and Ireland. - 2013 - Netflix expanded in many countries through numerous shows and shows.

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 Netflix Shows The company received many awards to provide Internet TV Networks. - 2014 - Its launch in six countries of Europe - Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. There are five million members worldwide. - 2015 - Services started in Australia, New Zealand and Japan including Italy, Spain and Portugal in Europe. Netflix's first original feature feature 'Beasts of no Nation' was displayed. - 2016 - Emphasis on providing netflix availability globally. (Source: Netflix) Not easy to Netflix in India - Prakash Kumar Ray's entry into Netflix has not happened even with the noise of publicity, but this is the arrival of a large American multinational company and it is unavoidable Not there. In the US and in many Western countries, this online service, which has a radical change in entertainment consumption, will not be easy in India. The speed of Internet services here is very small compared to the US and many other countries and despite the fact that 4G has not been able to find any possibility of improvement, According to a survey by Telecom Talk, 45 percent of internet users have a connection speed of one to three MB per second. 30 percent of users operate with a speed of less than one MB per second and the number of those who have a speed connection of more than 50 MB per second is less than one percent. In order to properly enjoy NetFlix High Definition services, the consumer should have an 8 MB per second speed connection and 100 GB data per month. Netflix Shows For such connections, the services of more than two thousand fees will be charged. Netflix rates are also high for this service. Assess on the basis of the fees of various telecom service providers, if you can spend 40 to 60 rupees for viewing a movie with a simple quality, and this expense is the lowest of 500 rupees per month for Netflix. In the US, mobile services generally do not limit the speed before consuming 20-25 GB of data. In the same way, most companies do not have the maximum data consumption limit in broadband as well. The speed of the broadband is between 50 to 500 MB per second. In such a way, Netflix will be very difficult to settle in Indian services of 100 to 512 kb per second. Although difficulties related to Internet speed could have been largely removed, if Netflix could download the video. Hopefully, the company will take a positive decision in this regard. DTH is widely spread in India and active companies in this field are continuously making services better and interactive. Video and television companies are also bringing their apps. People need to wait for Netflix to grow content in Indian languages. In this environment, NetFlix will have to struggle with tough competition. 

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With the introduction of services, customers are also angry with many technical difficulties and it will not be able to take advantage of the initial enthusiasm, if it is not reformed quickly. Netflix Shows However, it can be said, however, that with the arrival of Netflix, competition in the field of entertainment will increase, so that services can be expected to be good and cheap. In such an environment, telecom service providers may also need to amend the rates. Netflix must try a lot to freeze. This is probably the reason that he has stepped into the Indian market without any major ruckus. Some key facts related to this service - Netflix has offered to provide free service in the first month, but for that you must have a credit card. According to a report of 'INDIA TODAY IN', when you take the service, you will have to give a credit card details in which you will not be charged, but after one month the subscription will be manually deactivated. Netflix says that there is no sensor on its content in India. This may be a good news for those who can not see the censored content, but people in India will not be able to see some of the original show of Netflix like House of Cards, as it is licensed by another company. - There is not much content in its library at the moment. For example, talk about science fiction section, in total there are only 32 titles in it. There is not even a single Star Wars movie in it. Popular movies like 'Man Framed the UNCLE' are also not available in this, while other service providers in India have this movie. Similarly, if you want to watch shows like Game of Thrones, you will not see it. Actually, this show is exclusive to HBO. Netflix says that it is necessary to have a 5 Mbps connection for smooth streaming. If there is not so much speed, then it can prove to be expensive for you. NetFlix's creator Reid founded Pure Software in the year 1991, which made tools for software developers. After an IPO and some acquisitions in 1995, PURE was acquired by the National Software in 1997. This year Reid founded Netflix. Reed is an active academician and for several years, he has served on the State Education Board. In 1988 he graduated from the Stanford University with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Towing Cran, Chief Talent Officer, in the year 2007, as a director of the Token Director, he was assigned the responsibility of Chief Talent Officer in 2012. Since then he has been discharging the related responsibilities of the company. After getting a BA and Management degree in Psychology from the University of California, he joined this profession. 

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