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Best Motivational Quotes 2019

There is no place for cowardice in the world --- Stevenson

Fruit - sacrifice means no indifference towards result --- Mahatma Gandhi

Humans should defeat anger by goodness with goodness - Gautam Buddha

The result of misbehavior can never be auspicious - Swami Rama Tirtha

Best Motivational Quotes 2019

Best Motivational Quotes 2019

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1) I thank all those who call me 'no'. Because of their refusal, I can do that work only. - Albert Einstein Quotes

2) Nobody can give me success in my hand. I have to go out and get it. And that's why I am here today. To defeat someone and make yourself I want to do it myself and also for the world. - Unknown

3) First they will ignore you They will laugh at you. They fight you Only then will you win - Mahatma Gandhi

4) Always be careful about your subject and later on your respect. Because what you are aware of is from your child, rather, respect depends on what people think about you. - John Wooden

5) After 20 years, you will be very angry at the thought that you did not do what you could at that time.  Mark Twain

6) You get what you think of your brain. - Napoleon Hill Quotes

7) If the world is the most courageous thing, then he has to see the great man fighting against calamities. - Seneca

8) Today you are where you can take your thoughts, tomorrow you will be where your thoughts will take you. - James Allen

9) The best way to get them out of troubles is to feel them. When you begin to feel the pain, you try to go beyond that even when all the love is waiting for you. - Deepak Chopra Quotes

10) He who never faced adversities, he never knew about his forces. - William Samuel Johnson

11) The strength never comes from Your hard work develops your strengths. Whenever you pass through difficult situations and decide to face them, then your strengths are the same. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

12) Dreams look like you will always live, and live like you are going to die today. - James Dean

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