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Why Christmas is celebrated? What is the story behind it?

Why we Celebrate Christmas

Christmas - The festival of Christmas is the main festival of Christianity. Mainly, children are waiting for the whole year. Christmas - Christmas is a festival celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ or Jesus.

On 25th December, in most countries of the world, this festival is celebrated with full joy and glee. In school, children are asked to write about Christmas 10 Christmas or Christmas Essay.

Let us tell you that Christmas Day - 

Christmas Day was first celebrated in Rome in 336 AD. Christmas - On Christmas, people cut a cake, give gifts to each other and party celebrate this festival.

Christmas - Christmas is a festival which is celebrated not only in foreign countries, but also in India, there is a lot of enthusiasm in this festival and people celebrate it for New Year. This festival sets the example of love and affection. Come know Christmas - why Christmas is celebrated.

Why Christmas is celebrated? What is the story behind it?

Why Christmas is celebrated? What is the story behind it?

Story behind ChristmasChristmas Story

The festival of love and Sohard Christmas - Christmas is a history of several thousand years old. According to the Bible, the religious book of Christianity was born on the very day of the birth of Jesus Christ, the chief god of Christianity, from the womb of Mary, so this festival is celebrated.

It is also believed that even before the birth of Jesus Christ it was predicted that a son of God will be born on earth.

Apart from this, it was also prophesied before the birth of Jesus Christ, that this Son will deliver the whole world from suffering and teach the people to follow the right path and deliver the whole world. In the meantime, even after this, he dedicated himself to the service of other people.

Tell you that Mother Mary and Yusuf got married. After marriage, both of them lived in a place called Breatleham in Judea province. This was the birth of Jesus Christ in a cowshed at one night.

On the same day, a star in the sky was shining too much and people realized that the Messiah had been born to escape the rule of Rome. At the same time, people celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ as Christmas Day - Christmas Day.

Christmas - There are different opinions about different festivals about Christmas festival. For the people of Christianity, this festival has its own distinct significance.

Let us tell you that in the beginning, the people of Christianity were not a single opinion about the birth of Christ, if someone says December 14, then on June 10, no one celebrated their birthday on February 2. In the third century, on December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ was started.

Let me also tell you that the conspirators and puritanical Christians have always expressed their opposition to the celebration of the Christmas - Christmas festival.

In the year 1645, when Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan army occupied England, he first banned the Christmas - Christmas celebration, but shortly after Charles II ruled England, again the demand of the public But Christmas - Christmas festival began to be celebrated.

In Boston, there was a legal ban on celebrating the Christmas - Christmas festival from 1659 to 1681, even for those celebrating, there was a penalty of 5 shillings, which was a lot more than that time. Apart from this, after the American Revolution, English methods were also considered bad. Then on Christmas June 26, 1870, the first Christmas in America - Christmas was declared a federal holiday.

In this way Christmas - Christmas festival was gradually started to be celebrated all over the world. On this day, a state holiday has also been announced in many countries.

However, on December 25, different stories are prevalent in celebrating Christmas - Christmas. Christmas - Christmas celebrates the 12-day Christmas - Christmas Tide also begins.

Christmas - On Christmas, people make a variety of dishes, cut cakes and meet friends and give gifts to each other. Simultaneously, there is a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree.

Who is Santa Claus ?

Today Christmas - Christmas festival means Santa Claus has become, that with a long white beard and long hair in a red-white dress and a bag full of chocolates and gifts for children in his shoulders, Christmas comes in hand with a Christmas bell Are there. And then give gifts to children and bless them with living happily.

The children of Santa Claus wait for the whole year, while Santa is also called Christmas - Christmas Fr. Because the children are confident that their beloved Santa will come to Ankal on the holy festival of Christmas and give them chocolates and gifts. In most schools, special events are organized on this occasion. Whereas Christmas without Christmas without Santa Claus - the idea of ​​Christmas is incomplete.

Saint Nicholas was the father of Santa - Saint Nicholas

At the same time born 1,500 years ago Saint Nicholas, who was the Bishop of the city of Mira in Turkey, is also considered the father of real Santa and Santa.

Indeed, Saint Nicholas also had special affection for children and he used to give gifts to children. And at that time people had great respect for Saint Nicholas. From that point onwards, Santa Claus was conceived.

Although there is no direct connection to the birth of Saint Nicholas and Jesus, still in today's time Santa Claus is an important part of Christmas - Christmas. Without them the Christmas - Christmas festival is incomplete.

According to the scholars, Saint Nicholas was born in Myra in the third century after 280 years of Jesus' death and he was from a happy and prosperous family.

Who lost his parents in his childhood. And since childhood he had deep faith in his Lord Jesus Christ, and for this reason he grew up becoming a pastor of Christian religion and later Bishop.

Jesus Christ was a generous and righteous person, who loved giving gifts to the needy and children. You should tell that Saint Nicholas gave most of the gifts only at midnight.

Because he did not want to see someone giving gifts to them, that means they had to give gifts to children in a secret manner, so you would have often heard the parents say that if they do not sleep soon, Santa Claus will not be able to give them gifts.

Where is Santa Claus and his address

Where is Santa Claus Live

Whether it is the belief of people or a kind of superstition, but about the address of Santa Claus, it is said that Santa lives in the North Pole with his wife and many dwarves.

There is a toy factory where lots of toys are made. These dwarves of Santa work in this factory for Christmas - Christmas toys.

Let me also tell you that Santa has many addresses throughout the world, where children send their accounts, but most of them are sent to their Finland address.

At the same time, every person sent to this address also receives an answer. At the same time, you can also send your letter Santa to the address written below.

Santa's address is:
Santa Claus,
Santa Claus Village,
FIN 96930 Arctic Circle,

While Santa Cruz's Postal Volunteer lives in many places, who respond to these letters that came in the name of Santa. In this technological and modern era, many children from country and abroad send e-mails to Santa on the eve of the letter. They also get answers to them. On Christmas Day, their special is also fulfilled on Christmas.

Christmas's Tree History

The festival of love and sahard is of Christmas tree, the most important Christmas is Christmas. On the other hand, the tradition of decorating the trees on this day has been going on for years.

Let us know that the Christmas tree was considered a symbol of continuity of life. On the Christmas tree, it is also said that the Christmas tree is considered a symbol of continuity of life.

There is also a belief that the decoration of the Christmas tree gives the age of children to be long. That's why Christmas tree is being decorated on Christmas Day.

To decorate the Christmas tree, people are already preparing and decorating it with lighting. Let us tell you that it was launched for several thousand years in northern Europe.

When the Christmas tree was decorated on the occasion of Christmas - the evergreen tree tree. At the same time, it was hanged out of the chain by the chain. At the same time people who were unable to buy the tree. They decorated the wood with pyramid shape and decorated it beautifully.

There is a legend behind the Christmas tree decorating -

Celebration of Christmas - Christmas is celebrated by decorating the evergreen tree, this tradition started from Germany, in order to please a sick child, his father decorated the evergreen tree beautifully and gave him gifts.

Apart from this, it is also said that when God was born, all the gods decorated the evergreen tree beautifully to express happiness and since then it became a symbol of the Christmas tree, and this tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is popular. Gone.

Let me also tell you that the first thing to decorate the Christmas tree was by an Englishman named Boniface Tuyo. It was first started in Germany between the tenth century.

Certain things related to the Christmas tree - Facts about the Christmas Tree
The first apple apple planted in Germany

Tradition of Christmas decorating 

Christmas begins with Germany. At the same time, Christmas tree was decorated in England in the 19th century, and gradually the tradition of decorating Christmas in many other countries was performed, and in this way Christmas decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas Day has become a trend.

Let us tell you that the custom of decorating the Christmas tree and keeping things in it was first started in Germany. When it was decorated with work-wrapped apples, gingerbread in gold.

On the birth of the Lord Jesus, the angel gifted the mother Mary to the evergreen fur.

It is also believed that Christmas tree is also related to the birth of Christ Jesus, the chief of Christianity. When he was born, the angels who congratulated his parents, Mary and Joseph, were also involved.

Who gifted them with the brightest evergreen fur from the stars. Since then, the evergreen Christmas - Christmas fur tree has been recognized as a Christmas tree.

Family members meet Christmas tree

Christmas - Christmas festivals make people Christmas trees prepare Christmas trees from wood and then decorate it.

At the same time, most decorate it using candles and toffee, bell and different color ribbons. At the same place, it is also known that evil spirits are removed by keeping it in the house. And there is a flow of positive energy.

Christmas - Its preparations begin many days before Christmas, carols are sung by Christian community and prayers are done. With this day the church is decorated specially throughout the world, and in the cathedars of the whole world, the birth centenary of Jesus is displayed as pheasant and devotional songs are sung.

And between 24-25 December, there is a birthday celebration from the morning on the second day of the night. The Christmas tree is also decorated in the churches - Christmas. This day is very lively in the church.

Non-Christian people celebrate this festival of love as secular and cultural festivals. During this time, there is a lot of buzz in the markets too.

At Christmas, people greet each other with a gift and wish their happiness for life. Christmas - Wish you all very well on behalf of the entire team of the knowledgeable pundit of the holy festival of Christmas.


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