Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Small Quotes 2019

Small Quotes 2019 

Small Quotes

  • "People who are bitter on the front never cheated. Fear should be so sweet that those who hate in heart and change over time. "

  • "There are many roads for death but there is only one more mother for birth."

  • "If the stitching of relationships is caused by emotion, it is difficult to break and if it is done with selfishness it is difficult to survive."

  • "By condemning anyone, it shows what your character is, not that person."

  • "Good people always get good with the accompaniment of good people, because when the wind passes through the flowers, it also becomes aromatic."

  • "There is no need for a degree to rise higher in life, good words make people a king."

  • "Those who do not believe in their own mistakes, take time from them."

  • "Take care of those who fall into the mind and keep on bending with those who come down from the heart."

  • "Taking off the eyes does not end the problem and the eye does not open without trouble."

  • "It is best to donate, to take knowledge and to give up pride!"

  • "Those who fill tears in the eyes of others, why do they forget that they also have two eyes."

  • "Keep up the good work, do not respect or do anybody, the sunrise happens even when millions of people sleep."

  • "Do not be afraid of darkness, the stars shine in the dark."

  • "Sweet words, good habits, good behavior, and good people are always respected."

  • "When you ask God for power, he puts you in difficulty, so that your courage can grow and you become powerful."

  • "Most people fail because of the examination of life because they imitate others, but they do not understand that the question papers of all are different."

  • "Do not panic if you talk about back in the back, because the thing is that they belong to them, there is something in them."

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