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Important information on discovering and inventing

As the human evolved, the invention and the discovery of the earliest human invention was a Stone Tool that was created around 2600000 years ago from today, it can give you an idea of ​​how many inventions came from years of invention. There is a lot of difference between inventions and discovery. It is very difficult to invent any thing, rather than finding something like that if someone is unknowable of computers He used to work hard for years, and with many people this invention took place, but if we talk about any search, like a magnet then it was discovered by a shepherd feeder. After doing experiments on it, Good made and used.

After innovation (innovation) is discovered and invented. This means that if anybody invented or invented it would be made better, the lack of which is lacking in it, or some other facility is put in it, it is called innovation. Its biggest example is computer, if we talk about most You will find a lot of difference between computer made of earlier computers and today's computer, this is the biggest example of this upgrade.

Important information on discovering and inventing

Important information on discovering and inventing

How is invention

Before inventing any inventions about it, you have collected all the information about it by writing in any book or computer, while inventing you can take help of any other partner, there are many inventions of history that can not be possible by a person. By doing so many people have done the computer. This is also an example of the computer, then first write the scheme of invention in a book and on any paper. Create the design of the invention and to preserve these books and all papers to be no and no idea of ​​your invention.

Try experimenting with it while inventing your invention so that what you want to make is to become something else good, do not stop testing your inventions at any time, even after being invented, it is different Test the way and try to make it even better.

If you invent anything then you will not leave it there. Try to make more inventions on your invention or try to put something else in the same invention so that it can be better and people like it more.

Patent the invention

To discover is not part of inventions, inventing and painting it in your name is also very important, there are many inventions in history that are surrounded by controversies. As the invention of an airplane is invented in the airplane, it is believed that it happened in India but its patent is the name of someone else, to give its name to its invention, it must be patented and patented, Have given information about your invention in the book, keep it with you as proof so that nobody invades your invention by patenting it in your name.

Important information on discovering and inventing

1. Who invented India
The credit for India's search is given to Vasco da Gama. He came to India three times by ship.
He completed India's first visit from 1497 to 1499.

2. Who invented Computer
Computer search is given to Charles Babbage.

3. Motorola's first mobile phone was shown in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, whose weight was 2 kilos.

4. Internet's Discovery
There was not a single person's internet search, many people had a hand behind it.
First Leonard Kleinrock plans to make the Internet. J.C.R. in 1962 Licklider created a network with the help of Robert Taylor, with the plan "ARPANET" ARPANET was commercially used as TELNET in 1974.

5. Google Webmaster Tools
Google started in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who was a student of PHD at Stanford University, California.

6. Facebook's discovery
Facebook is a social networking website discovered by Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Zero's discovery
Zero has invented the zero and when it is done today is the secret. But it is believed that the invention of zero was done in India only.

8. America
Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus
In 1492

9. Find the Key
JJ Thomson
In 1897. J In 1906, he also received the Nobel prize for this discovery.

10. Proton's discovery

By Ernest Rutherford In 1911.

11. Neutron
James Chadwick In 1930.

12. Penicillin
Penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming in St. Mary's Hospital in London.

13. DNA's discovery
The most searched of DNA was done by Friedrich Miescher in 1869 at Tübingen University

14. Bulb
Thomas Edison is the father of the bulb
Edison and his team tested the design of more than 3,000 bulbs from 1878 to 1879
Thomas Edison registers the first commercial bulb in 1879.

15. Wi-Fi 
The first Wi-Fi NCR Corporation, in collaboration with AT & T Corporation, was used for the cashier system in 1991.

16. Pensil
Before 1565 and according to some sources at the beginning of 1500
Then it was named plumbago and in Latin it means Lead. Many people have a misconception that pencil is the Lead of graphite.

17.  Whatsapp was discovered  by Brean Acton and Jan Komm in 2009

18. Lysosome
In the early 1950s, Lysosome was discovered by Biochemical methods by Christian de Duve and colleagues.

19. Dynamite
Swedish Chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel was created in 1867

20. Email

Shiva Ayyadurai in 1982

21. Tadit Chalak Driver
Benjamin Franklin

22. Pulmonary Circulation
In 1242, Ibn al-Nafis of Egypt (Ibn al-Nafis) had told about it
But again it was discovered by Europe's Michael Servetus (1553) and William Harvey (1616)

23. Platinum
Antonio de Ulloa and Charles Wood in 1740. Important information on discovering and inventing

24. Leyden Jar
Ewald Georg von Kistle Ewald Georg von Kleist and Peter van Musschenbroek Pieter van Musschenbroek between 1745 and 1746

25. Black - Hole
Regarding black holes (John Mitchell) John Michell told in 1783

26. Electromagnetic induction
Michael Faraday Michael Faraday in England in 1831

27. Electrical Telegraph
Charles Wheatstown Charles Wheatstone England (England) and Samuel F. B. Morse Samuel F.B. Morse (United States) in 1837

28. Microscope
 In the Netherlands, a workable microscope was developed around the year 1600.

29. Australia
Australia was discovered by a Dutch navigator Villem Janszoon "Willem Janszoon" in 1606

30. Cell membrane 

The invention of Cell Membrance was done by Swiss botanist Carl Naegeli and C. Cramer in 1855, 200 years after the discovery of Microscope.

31. Bicycle
Vehicles with two-wheeler were invented before the 19th century but it was not like today's cycle. The first Bicycle was invented by Baron Karl von Drais in 1817, named Running Machine.

32. Radioactivity
Radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel and Silvanus Thompson in 1896. Thorium Radioactivity was discovered by Gerhard Carl Schmidt and Maria Skłodowska Curie in 1898.

33. The stratosphere was invented  by Richard Asmann and Leon Tesserenc de Bort in 1902

34. Vitamin A
Vitamin A was discovered by Elmer McCollum and Marguerite Davis in the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1913. Afayette Mendel and Thomas Burr Osborne had explained that vitamin A works in our diet and why it is needed.

35. Jet Engine
Jet Engine was first used by Hans von Ohain (1939), Secondo Campini (1940) and Frank Whittle (1941) for the aircraft.

36. The Integrated Circuit was invented by Jack Kilby in 1958. About a year later, Kilby also received the 2000 Nobel prize for it. And this 2000 Nobel Prize Jack Kilby was given by Robert Noyce.

37. Radio
Then in 1890 an Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi began working on wireless telegraphy when he was only 16 years old. And in 1900, he sent a radio message for the first time.

Important information on discovering and inventing

38. Methane
In 1776, the discovery of methane gas was made by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in the lake of Maggiore lake, which is in Italy. Alessandro Volta found that no gas was coming out from that bog. And he also saw that this gas is a refined gas. This gas was named "Methane" in 1886 by a German chemist August Wilhelm von Hofmann.

39. Pendulum Clock
The pendulum clock was discovered by a Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens in 1656. The clock could only make the right time when it was placed in one place. If this hill was gone, its time was not right.

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