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How many hours a day is on Mars?

Humans will soon be living on Mars!

How many hours a day is on Mars?

How many hours a day is on Mars

The scientists have stepped on Mars and the moon. Now preparations for the sending of humans have already started. NASA had sent the 'Insight Lander' on Mars on 5th May this year, which successfully reached Mars on Monday. This Insight Lander has traveled 458 million kilometers to reach the red planet, whose purpose is to gather more information by exploring the hidden secret within the land of Mars.

Mars is so far away from the sun

Mars is 14.2 million miles from the sun. In the Solar System, the earth is third and Mars is at number four. Tell us, the earth is 9.3 million miles from the sun.

Mars is half as compared to Earth

Red planet is half as compared to the blue planet. The diameter of the earth is 7,926 miles. While the diameter of Mars is 4,220 miles. But if you talk about weight, then Mars is equal to one-tenth of the Earth.

Mars is 687 days old

Where Earth takes full rotation in 365 days, Mars takes 687 days. That is why one year of Mars is 687 days. And of course, one day on Mars (called Solar-Day) is 24 hours and 37 minutes.

Cold is more than earth ...

Thunderstorms, dusty storms and tornadoes, more than Mars on earth. Reports say that the geographical position of Mars is much better for life.

The highest temperature in summer, 30 degrees

In summer, the highest temperature of Mars is 30 degree Celsius. In winter, it is reduced from zero to 140 degree Celsius.

Things are like Earth on Mars

Interestingly, there are four seasons of the year in the Mars as well as in Earth: autumn, summer, autumn and winter. And yes, it is believed that every season in Mars is almost twice as long as it is from Earth.

Your weight will decrease on Mars

Compared to Earth, the power of gravity is different on Mars. Meaning, the weight of 100 pounds (45.3 kg) on ​​earth, 38 pounds (17.2 kg) on ​​Mars.

Mars has one not, two moons

Mars has two moons. Yes, one is named 'Phobos', whose diameter is 13.8 miles. Whereas the second 'demios', whose diameter is 7.8 miles.

Oxygen is very low on Mars

Mars has 96 percent carbon dioxide, 1.93 percent argon, 0.14 percent oxygen and 2 percent nitrogen. Also, carbon monoxide marks have been found in the environment.

Mars is also made up of four layers

Both Mars and Earth are made up of four layers. The crust that is made of ferrous bassalic stones is the first crust. The second mantral, which is made of silicate stones. The third and fourth are the outer core and the internal core. It is said that they can be made of iron and nickel like the core of the Earth. But this core is in the shape of solid metal or is full of fluid. At the moment, its firm knowledge does not exist.

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