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History of Shaktimaan

Shaktiman was a very powerful and very powerful superhero and it taught children very well along with the entertainment of children. The powerful TV series was started 20 years ago today and it has been shown 20 years ago on Doordarshan The first superhero to go was the TV serial and at that time it was very much like everyone from children to adults. And it used to rule the hearts of all at that time.


But today's time has changed very much. Due to the advent of new-new technology and internet and smartphones in today's time, we would have thought this serial would be just a joke, but at that time it was very much like people and at that time no child can live without seeing this show Was there. And along with this, the bigger saw this serial with a lot of cheating and in the entire week it was only on Sundays. And every child was waiting for the whole week on Sunday.

Start of power

The first episode of Shaktiman was launched on September 13, 1997, which was made by Mukesh Khanna and Dinkar Jani, and Mukesh Khanna was India's first superhero. Who played the powerful role. And as soon as the TV series came, it became very popular in a few days and it was the most watched TV show of that time. And this TV series was written by Ghalib Asad Bhopali and wrote by Mohan Pandey. And for the first time, Shaktiman was broadcast on Doordarshan. But in just a few days it became very popular and in turn, it was shown in many different languages ​​and also on TV channels. The main reason for the success of the TV serial was its story. The work of power is to eliminate the evils of the world.

And to do this work, some saints together chose a common man. Which, in turn, gets many super powers. But in today's time, the superhero gets the power, either aliens are available or any such thing gets unbelievable. Which can not be trusted. But the power of Shaktimaan is met by his hard work and his meditation. Which displays Indian culture very clearly. In this TV series reporter Geeta Vishwas gave him the name of Shaktiman, and this name became his identity in the future.

In this TV series Tamaraj Kilvish is the main enemy of Shaktiman. And the dialogue darkened by her in this TV series, it is also very popular, and this show also had many villains in the show, in which the doctor Jackal Shalaka cat kapala. And at the end of the mighty series a small part was added. The small, but fat things were named, and this lesson used to teach children much more along with entertainment.

In this TV series, Mukesh Khanna used to play Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Maya, Omkar Shastri and Shaktimaan. Along with that, Vaishnavi Mahant, the Vaishnavi Mahant, of Gita Vishwas, and besides Surendra Pal, Tamaraj Kilvish and Lalit have played the role of doctor Jackal. The powerful TV serial was broadcast from September 13, 1997 to March 27, 2005. In which it will create 336 episodes and was the reason for the closure of the powerful TV series. That the children were stunts of lots of Shaktiman and many children lost their lives, so it was stopped because there was a lot of power in the children under that time.

And the last episode of this TV series was broadcast 13 years ago today. But even today when the name of Shaktimaan comes in front of us, then our memories are seen right there and absolutely new.

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