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Diljit Dosanjh's Biography

Diljeet Dosanjh: The son of a roadways conductor bought the private jet!

There are so many stories around us that compel us to think about how this can happen, how can one grow so much from poverty but it happens. By doing so Diljeet Dosanjh - Diljit Dosanjh who is in much discussion today. There are two ways to discuss: One of them is the fan of his songs and acting today and the second one has bought his own private jet just a few months ago but how is this possible?

Diljit Dosanjh's Biography

Diljit Dosanjh's Biography (

Diljeet Dosanjh's early life 

Daljeet Singh Dosanjh is not his real name. His name was Daljeet Singh Dosanjh but by changing the name of one person, he changed his name. Diljeet was born on January 6, 1984 in Dosanjh Kala village of Jalandhar district. His father was a conductor at the roadways bus and the mother was a simple domestic lady.

His early studies were done in his village but later he came to Ludhiana. Diljeet was very interested in music and was fond of forced songs in every function of the school. If there is no chance, then after going to the Guru, they started doing kirtan.

The condition of the house was bad but to make himself a musician, Diljeet thought that there is nothing to do except now. Diljeet left his studies and in many places like this he used to sing a chance but now there was something big to do but something was not available.

Diljit Dosanjh's Career

It is said that after running behind the constant dream, there is no such floor. On the same day, in the life of Diljeet, in 2004, Rajendra Singh, owner of "Fine Tone" company, recorded Diljeet's album.

He changed the name of Diljeet, who used to be Daljeet earlier. If one day of the talk will become a superstar, such a name will not prevail. Diljeet's first album came this year and his name was "Ishq da Oda Rang".

This did not give them any special recognition, but some work started getting started. After this, his second album came with the same company "Dil" and then came "Smile" whereby Diljeet got to know everybody in Punjab and he started slowly becoming famous. Subsequently, "Ishq Ho Gaya", "Chocolate", "Back to Basic" and "Sikh" went out, which made Diljeet Singh the superstar of Punjabi songs.

Diljit Dosanjh's Career in Movies

After some years of singing, Diljeet started thinking of filming. His first film, I "The Lion of Punjab", but it did not look very special but the song "Lakh 28 Kudi Da" is still in the mind of the people and is humming.

After this, films like Jatt and Juliet, Sadi Love Story came and Diljeet became a superstar of Punjabi films with Punjabi songs. But as per each of the regional artists and singers of e-E-mail, Bollywood has to reach the heart and Diljeet also had the same position.

Entry in Bollywood

In the year 2016, Anurag Kashyap made the film "Flyta Punjab" with Shahid Kapoor, in which Diljeet's acting was even more preferred than Kareena and Shahid. Diljeet also received the Best Debutu Actor Award for the film.

After this, he made his film "Phillauri" in his home production, in which Anushka Sharma was together, but the film did not work much but Diljeet started setting in Bollywood. After this, in the year 2018, his film Surma gave him recognition.

The film was not able to do anything special, but it is certain that Diljeet has made everyone believe in his acting. Earlier this year, he bought a private jet which has only a few people in India.

The son of a conductor is running in a private jet. This story is not easy, and Diljeet's life was so easy, but he never considered difficulties.

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