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6 Techniques that can make humans immortal

Well, on this information we tell you probably will not believe because man is immortal or there is no talk of anyone else and till date there is no such person in the world who is immortal or immortal.

6 Techniques that can make humans immortal

6 Techniques that can make humans immortal

There is no such thing that man can be made immortal and it is
absolutely true that the person who has born will die and certainly
not only the death of any living thing It is only if it is in any way
that the living thing can survive for a very long time, but its death
is absolutely true, but God has made the mind of man the fastest and
faster than any other thing or creature There is no brain of anything
and man makes such a move with such a strong mind.

It is a lie to hear the name of being immortal, because in ancient
times there have been many things about it and many herbs have been
told in ancient times, in which such person could be immortal but
thinking of stealing science in the future And death is the biggest
truth in the world and people try to get away from it.

We have heard that since ancient times, we have heard that man has
been working on the techniques of becoming immortal since ancient
times. He is looking for such a technique that this man can live here
for a long time. And in science it has achieved a lot of achievements
and quite a difference has been achieved and it is said that in the
future, the vocation technology will definitely come true.

So that he may die but how many people's brains are so sharp that they
can do anything they can make anything, they dare show any thing to
the truth; There are also those who work for the good of themselves or
some other person, so there are people in our world who are saying
this thing that we will make people immortal in the world and It's
very true friend that signs of the coming time maybe humans remain
immortal because many things have been seen yet
So that man can live and his age increases, so if man will use those
things or man makes those things then surely our life will never end
in the coming time and we can become immortal So today we will tell
you about the things that have been told by some scientists in this
post, and this is absolutely true that research is still going on and
In the coming days, if we find such things that are immortal then we
will tell you some things of life that can make us immortal in this
post, so below we are telling you about such things. As you can live
immortal, look down.

1. Longevity pill

It will be heard about your hunger-pellet but it is being said that
such a bullet is being prepared in the future, which can be extended
to the person's age or to be immortalized, whose name is Longevity
Pill and scientists Says that such a bullet is being created, so that
the person can not live long enough, but by taking the pill he will be
more healthy and fit than the common man. It is expected that this
tablet will be available in the market by 2019 and will be available
in the market.
Scientists are now researching on this pillar that by taking this
pill, the person's age is now 70 to 80 years, it will be 100 to 110
years, and this tablet has a main salts. Metformin which is now
available for Diabetic patients. It is given in the small quantities
that the same salt will be inserted inside the pill. Scientists say
that this year, patients from diabetes live longer than normal human
beings and this bullet train Satsang has been done on rats and good
results are obtained, so scientifically, it will be recharged on this
tablet before using it.

2 . Infusing Young Blood To Old

Meaning of the young man's blood in the person of Omar, it is the
thinking of the scientists that as you have heard of the Vampire and
you will also see it in films, it sucks people's blood and sucks the
blood of young people, due to which They look up to the top.
Perhaps they are not even aware of this, but scientists have given it
a research that saw the blood of young rats in the age of the older
age, they were able to live 1 month more than their average age. So
scientists have planned to do this on humans, if this is possible,
then humans will live on their average age and scientists say that
this Be possible Shy.

3. Organ Grown In Lab

Scientists say that the body parts of the human body can be loving
only in the laboratory and the scientists are doing a lot of research
on this thing and they have achieved the achievement too many times
people have to lose their lives so that their One or two limbs of the
body will get damaged and they get new and if that person is to be
part of that person, either his blood group or his body is not
Even if it does, it can not be taken for its organ without the
permission of a human being, and there are some complex and important
components of the body like the heart and the very important part of
which it must be done to meet either the casual death of a person Only
then can be given or donated by donating one organs and can also be
found in the person, blood group and Omar and many things can be seen
within the person, only then Humans can be applied, but who is the
scientist, some time ago a training was done in which a person was
removed from the respiratory tract due to cancer, and that was due to
the respiratory tract of his cells, Scientists believe that the
complex organ in the future is very important for the other, they can
also be grown in the laboratory.

4. 3D Printing Of Organs

All of us have heard about the printing by the printer and every day
of printing is printed in some work every day, even if there is a
difference in day and night in the newsprint that is in the books and
before and in today's printing printer 1436 In Johannesburg Gutenberg
started printing and today in the scientific world, printing has
brought a revolution in it, first it was made of printing black and
white, then the color Do not have printing.
The scientific printer was made in such a modern way that today 3D
printing has begun in the scientific world and scientists are making
this 3D printer through a large rocket part, and the scientific world
has given this 3D printer another It is used at the level and it is
the scientific preparation of the person through the 3D printer.
Changing something in this printer has made it so that it becomes part
of the human being. Scientists have been able to prepare the human
organ in the printer instead of the ink in the smart water and living
cells, so far the scientists have got success in it and some organes
have also been found. Scientists say that in future all parts of human
body can be 3D printer Which will not die due to human organs, they
will be able to live for a long time.

5. Cyborg

Cybrog means that half a person machine scientists are working on a technique that some of the parts of human beings can be changed like machines. We have seen so much in the film that human beings are machines like hands or feet but scientists To really do this it really is working on it and the scientists say that in some time human beings or legs can be transformed like machines, then the body gets damaged. And the scientists have trained to change hands and feet, and they have been successful, they will not be only lifeless hands, but they will be controlled from our mind like our real hands do the work and the scientist says that Perhaps in the future, how all the organs of the body can be changed and by which due to human organs the death can lead to longevity.

6. Digital Immortality

It is said that after death the body ends and the soul remains alive

but the scientific world does not believe it. It is believed that some
people believe that the scientific world is working on such a
technique that even after the death of the human brain, To be kept
alive, this technique is called Digital Immortality. The scientific
world will be able to upload your mind to a computer media, so that
your mind can get all the stuff The ta will go inside and your brain's
digital group will survive even after the death. It is still being
imagined that scientists are also working on it and the scientists say
that by 2050 human brains Detail Digital can be kept alive if this
technique is successful, then the person does not know, but the human
brain will be immortalized.
The information that we told you may have liked, but you must believe
this because we have told you in this post about the time of the
future because if we use these things in our coming times It gets this
thing or these things are invented in the coming time or some other
kind of things that we can get, then we can certainly survive and
never We can be eternally immortal, then in the support of today, you
have told us about such a technique that can make man immortal so that
this person will never be able to kill us if we get it If you like
this information, do not forget to share it and if you have any
question or suggestion about it, then you can ask us by commenting in
the comment box below and if you have any interesting information.
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