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3 Friends Story Like 3 Idiots Movie

Our life is also not less than a film, but it is said that life is full of a movie. Such film in which all is better at the end but the beginning is very difficult. There are many lives, after watching the story, it seems that it is a film story and the same story is about three friends who are related to the movie Three Idiots.

In the same way, friends promised to meet him in the same way, in the same way, three friends also promise to meet and succeed and get out on their destination and after ten years they can achieve success in their own lives.

3 Friends Story Like 3 Idiots Movie

3 Friends Story Like 3 Idiots Movie

This story is from Nishant Jain, writer Sumit Arora and cartoonist Vatan Singh. Nishant is the IS today and he has achieved the 13th rank, Sumit is a writer in Bollywood films and Vatan Singh is a senior cartoonist in Hindi's biggest news channel.

Starting from the streets of Meerut - the three friends Nishant, Vatan and Sumit are from Meerut city. The greatest thing in all three lives was that there was no money in his house. How and where was the bus was going on and even then their dreams were very big. Early studies came from the Government School of Meerut.

But it is said that no one seems to be able to look after the feet of Poot and it was with them. Sumit and Nishant got interested in writing and Vatan Singh used to enjoy making cartoons. Sumit liked Prasad very much, then Nishant had great interest in poetry and eating.

There was not so much money in his house that these people went to the big institution of their own field and made a career. Many of the small tasks of doing their own expense are running expensive. In Tenth, the three first Divisans passed and after this, they brought good numbers in the twelfth.

So far, Sumit started writing well and Vatan Singh's cartoon was being published in local newspapers, then the same Nishant started recreating the IS's desire to serve the country.

The three friends caught different roads. Sumit Mubee went, Vatan Singh started graduating marks in the world of newspapers. Vatan Singh worked for a long time as a cartoonist in Meerut's big newspaper and tried to go to big channels several times but did not get any chance.

After this he was summoned from a News 18 in India's big news channels and today he works as a senior cartoonist. So Sumit went to Mumbai and started trying his luck in writing. Sumit started with a small screen and wrote a lot in serials like Saas-Bahe and wrote Thilar after it.

After this his identity began to grow and he wrote All Is Well, which did not go well, but Sumit's hand was in writing and his move in Mumbai too. After this, his life changed in the year 2018 when he wrote the women's film.

Her film, Feroji, joined the hundred crore earning club. Now he is writing many films. Thirty-year-old Sumit has now completely completed his step in Bollywood.

When Sumit went to Mumbai, Nishant graduated and started working in the Postal Department but was not feeling well. After that, he passed the NET examination and did MA. After this, the M.Phil from Delhi University came to study and then went there to study there.

After this, one year after preparing the IS but not successful, the Parliament became a translator in the building. Tried the second time and made the IS with the 13th rank and is counted among the best in the country.

Today these three friends meet happily. All three are the players in their field. The most important thing is that the inspiration of the three always remain one another. Sumit says that he always took inspiration from Nishant and continued to move forward. His story is not less than a movie, it is not just released in the film screen but it is made in real life.

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