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Ways to earn money with Mcent Browser ?

Mcent Browser - For Smart Browsing 


Looking for a smarter way to browse? The mCent browser is a free web browser for Android devices that gives you mobile recharging reward when you surf the net. To read the latest news, download, download and watch the mCent browser, search Facebook, Shop, Website with Google, or just browse the net. (Ways to earn money with Mcent Browser)

Ways to earn money with Mcent Browser

Earn Daily Coins With Mcent Browser 

You can earn money with mcent browser very easily by visiting different unique websites. Earn as much as you surf the different websites in mcent browser. 

The mCent browser is fast and easy to use the mobile browser, which saves you a lot of data with not only ad blocking, but also text mode and smart downloading features, but also the mCent browser gets you a free mobile recharge. To see your favorite site.

Download now for free from Google Play Store Mcent Browser and earn money for recharges.

Main characteristics:

  • Earn Free Mobile Recharge
  • Home screen shortcuts
  • Bookmarks
  • Browsing history
  • Tab browsing
  • Smart, personal search
  • Filling the form automatically
  • Data saving with "text only" setting
  • Block ads
  • Smart Downloading
  • Saved for offline
  • Secret browsing

Earn FREE Mobile Recharge: Every time you are online using the mCent browser, you earn Reward Points, and this reward points can be converted into a free mobile recharge

Prevailing Homescreen Shortcut: Quickly access your favorite sites, social networks, news, and shopping with a simple tap. Add any website to your homescreen for faster access.

Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite sites for quick access and fast browsing.

Browsing History: Easily access all previously visited sites. Remove individual websites or clear them all.

Tab browsing: Open as many web pages as you want at a time. It is easy to go back and forth in the site.

Smart, Spatial Search: Based on the previous search and visited site, search results appear as quickly as you type.

Autofill of the form: saves time and completes all online forms fast and easy. "Ways to earn money with Mcent Browser"

Data Savings with "Text Only" setting: Use this setting to save data while viewing only the text on the website.

Block ads: Not only to speed up browsing, but also to block your ads by blocking your browsing experience on popular sites to save your data.

Smart Downloading: Downloads are saved in the download manager at the same time, where they can be easily found. If there is obstruction in downloading, it will always be resume.

Save for offline: Use it when you want to read a website and can not access or search the internet.

Incognito Browsing: Use this setting so that your browsing history, visited sites, cookies, and data usage are not saved. Incognito browsing protects your privacy, and lets you browse on your device without leaving a nomination.

Ways to earn money with Mcent Browser

Free Recharge & Data Packs With Mcent Browser 

Download it now free from Google  Playstore  Mcent Browser 

Moreover about Mcent Browser 

MCent is an app that offers you the opportunity to earn money in simple work like downloading different apps and trying them out. As soon as you open any available app in it, you get a small amount, and if you keep it for a week, you get some more money. You need a smartphone to use mCent.

Official website of Mcent Browser

One drawback of mCent is that this app monitors the use of various apps by you, and it can gain access to your address book with complete freedom. Yes, it is also true that this app gives you information before doing anything, but it does not reduce its threat of intruder nature. There are many ways to make money with this browser.

MCent is an interesting app that you can use to earn some money, and for this you just need to download some apps and open them.

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