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Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally

Beauty tips for natural, glowing & scars free skin. 

Hindi tips to treat black spots, dark spots, acne marks, pimple scars - home remedies for the treatment of black stains, spots, acne marks on the face.(Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally)

Whether facial scars, acne marks and skin color are also causing you to be embarrassed because of becoming a member of any group !! Have you been using cosmetics as long as you do! So take a look at the home made mixture that will remove all the stains.

Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally

Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally

There are many reasons for having black spots in spots, the main reason for which is the nail, blacksmith, black head. Fury of the law, due to the sun's rising ray, the pit of the face increases on the scars, which causes the face shave. For this, whenever you go out, you should put sun cream and some methods have been given below because of acne that will help you to get rid of the stains.

It would be better to use chemical substances to treat pimples as you use natural products. Household products are very cheap and they do not even have any effect. Grain remedies on the face, skin care is also very important with it. Some home remedies are listed below, which will help you to avoid black spot spots, away from acne scars.


Parsley is rich in vitamins A and C, which increases the production of collagen in your skin, and fighting with free radicals will give you a refreshing similar tone of acne and black spots. Skin. Apart from this vitamin K inhibits the origin of wrinkles. Parsley's antibacterial and antifungal properties keep your skin clean and healthy. Cut the parsley and add some water to it and mix them and make a paste. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon lemon juice in this mixture of parsley and mix them all well. Use this mixture on your skin and give more attention to black spots. Wash the face with clean water after 20 minutes. Use this method every other day.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, which reduce the loss of free radicals and also increase the production of collagen. They all collaborate with pigmentation and black spots. In addition, the pineapple contains an element called bromelain which increases its elasticity by making your skin tidy and soft, causing the formation of wrinkles to stop. Grind one third of pineapple and grind it juice. Use pineapple juice with the help of cotton, on the black spots of your face and leave it till its drying. After this wash the face with water. Follow this method daily."Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally"


Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acids that removes the upper layer of your skin and remove the black spots of ellagic acids. Mix 4 to 5 strawberries and one teaspoon honey together and make a thick paste. Use this paste on your face and leave for 40 minutes. Wash the face with hot water. Follow this process every other day.

Tomato for erasing dark spots to remove acne marks

To treat pimples, take a medium-sized tomatoes, juice of its juice and add one teaspoon lemon juice. Then put it in the face and after 20 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera to treat black spots to remove acne marks

The juice of aloe vera leaves and keep it out for 5 minutes, then add some drops of lemon juice in it and apply it on the face and wash after 15 minutes. Face pit, you will get better results.


The facial scars of the face, onions contain artificial immunity, which will help you to remove the stains of acne. Then use this method peacefully. Take the onions and leave the juice out of the face in the infected place and let it stay for a few minutes then wash it with ordinary water.
Take 2 spoons sandalwood powder, mix some drops of rose water and then put it on the stain and on the whole face and wash after drying.

Turmeric and lemon juice for acne marks

Take a pinch of turmeric powder, add some drops of lemon juice and then put it on the stain or on the whole face. Within a few weeks the stains will be removed and the skin will start to shine.

Potato juice and honey to remove acne marks

Take a potato and grind it and add honey in the right amount and then put it on the face and wash after 15 minutes. Or you can rub the piece of potato on the face which will remove the black spots.

Homemade methods 

Mix one teaspoon of onion juice, one teaspoon ginger juice, half teaspoon vinegar and these three and apply it on the stain and massage for a few minutes. After 20 minutes, take cold water and wash it. It is very simple and useful. Onion contains sulfur, vitamins and ginger, a substance called alecine, which softens the skin and removes the germ from the skin.

Lemon juice for erasing dark spots

The treatment of nail acne, lemon, stemm (astringent), vitamin C, which removes toxic substances from the body, and whenever you treat stains, use lemon. Apply lemon juice and put it on the stain with the help of cotton. Use this method for good results every other day.

Cucumber & milk treatment for dark marks

Fresh marks, take a cucumber and grind it, add some milk to it, add some drops of lemon and put it on the face. This is a very simple and useful method.

Papaya a sure shot remedy for dark spots

Papaya contains enzymes that reduce the facial scars. Use ripe papaya for this, remove the papaya anus and apply it on face for 15 minutes then wash it with cold water.

Buttermilk for fading marks and spots

Buttermilk contains lactic acid which acts as alpha hydroxyl acid. It is a type of active acid that removes dead skin, dust and oil of the face. Stir in one bowl and apply it on stain with the help of cotton, and if possible, then add lemon juice in half the quantity also, and use it as a mask.

Vitamin E oil for skin marks and spots

It is a good antioxidant that helps in filling the pit of the face. Vitamin E Mix kebara oil (castor oil) in oil and apply it on the scars and see the results.


Treatment of nail acne, oats are used not only in the form of the best diet but also in the form of medicines which cures facial scars, spots, foils. To get rid of acne drug, black spot, spots and fawn marks, put a mask of zested flour on the face. Mix lemon juice with zest flour and make a thick slurry and put it on the face like a mask and after some time wash it with hot water. Use this method twice a week for instant relief.

Drink plenty  of water 

Stains, spots, foams are also cured by drinking water in excess quantities. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, which removes toxins from the body and maintains moisture in the skin and makes the stain light.

Treatment of Acne - Raw milk to lighten spots

Milk enhances the color of the face, the milk contains lactic acid which makes the skin soft and beautiful. Use raw milk for this. Soak cotton cloth in the milk and wash it on the face and after 15 minutes wash with warm water, use this method every morning.

Milk and kesar

Soak some donuts of saffron in 2 teaspoons of milk overnight. Place this character in the fridge, so that it does not get spoiled. Mash saffron grains in the morning and use it on the face. Find it especially on black spots and acne marks. Let it dry completely and then wash with plain water. Using this treatment daily will make you see the difference in 1 week.(Remove acne, dark spots & scars naturally)

Red lentils and milk for acne mark removal

A pack of red lentil pulses and milk can also be made to remove stains. Keep 1 teaspoon clean and soak the red pulses of red lentils in raw milk. Grind it with milk and prepare a granulated paste in the morning. Rubbing this paste lightly on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and after that for a while, rubbing your face again and washing it with lukewarm water. If you use it 2 times a week, you will see the difference in 15 days.

Remove black spots with curd and honey

Curd contains such enzymes that can remove any stains and honey naturally fits your color. Mix 1 teaspoon curd with 2 spoons of honey. Put this paste on your face and specially focus on black spots. Let this pack stay on your face for 20 minutes and then scrub it with hands and clean it with water. Use this treatment daily for good results.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has the properties of skin repair and it is very helpful in removing black spots. Clean the affected area properly and after this massage massage with castor oil for 5 minutes. Leave it for 20 minutes and massage the face again for 5 minutes before wiping it with a wet cloth. Finally wash it with water. Use this treatment twice a day to get good results in one month.

Horseradish for removing those dark spots to remove dark spots

Horserdish proves to be very effective in removing black spots and other stains from your face. Take a horsedish and take it, prepare a fine paste and apply it on the affected parts of your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with water. Use this treatment at least twice a day and you will see significant effects in one month.

Redcurrant and honey for erasing black spots

Redcurrant is a member of the family of the family and it mildly melanin deposited on black spots. Take some red currants and grind them and mix it with 1 teaspoon honey. Bring this pack to your face and focus on black spots. Wash it with water for 20 minutes. Use this treatment daily for good results.

Grapes and apple for facial spot reduction

There are many types of nutrients present in both grapes and apples. With the help of these, fairness comes in your skin. Take a small piece of apple and grind it and mix it with two green grapes. Do not peel their skin. Put this pack on your skin and focus on the scars. You can massage your skin lightly from it. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with water. Using this pack daily, you will start seeing results in 1 month.

Liquorice for erasing dark spot on the skin

Allephi is known due to its skin's ability to remove melanin from the skin. Mulithi's roots are very effective in removing any black spots. Prepare a paste of aloe vera roots and add a few drops of honey in it. Put this paste on the black spots on the face and wash with water after keeping them for 15 minutes. By using this method daily, you will start to get good results in 1 to 2 weeks. Before using alderithi on the face, have a patch test.'"Remove acne, dark spots & scars nanaturally'"

Some tips for using home remedies top treat marks and spots on the skin.

Any facial scars and any other type of face can be easily treated with the help of home remedies, but these treatments only show the effect when they are started early. So, if you have recently got acne marks on your face, then start using one of the above mentioned domestic methods along with drying it. This will ensure that you get rid of acne scars within 1 week.

Home remedies such as sandalwood, aloe vera and turmeric have the ability to lighten the scars of the old stains of the skin. Although using them quite well, there is a great likelihood that their effect may appear in months.

The ability of home remedies to work largely depends on your skin type and your age. The ability to produce new cells of the skin decreases with age and due to this, the process of lightening of scarring is very slow in older people compared to people of young age.

Home remedies have the ability to lighten any stains of facial scars. To take advantage of them as much as possible, they should use them for a long time according to the prescribed and prescribed prescriptions. This will give you great results.

The best thing about home remedies is that they do not have any side effects and they prove to be quite economical too.

Make the home remedies for removing pigmentation, stains and spots immediately before using them. Fresh products will show you a much better effect.

Certain remedies like stain and removal of spots can enhance the sensitivity of the skin. So, when you are using a home remedies to remove stains, be sure to use the sunscreen before leaving the sun.

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