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Larry Page and the Success story of Google

Larry Page is the world's founder of Google, but do you know how and when Larry Page started this company, if not, then read this full article about the Google success story by Larry Page. 

Larry Page - The Founder Of Google
Larry Page - The Founder Of Google

Larry Page Google Biography - Larry Page Biography

  • Larry Page was born on March 23, 1973, in the United States of America, state of Michigan.
  • Larry Page's full name is Lawrence Page.
  • His parents were professor of computer science at Michigan State University.
  • Larry Page's interest was in computer since childhood.
  • Larry Page received a computer engineering degree from Stanford University of Michigan.
  • Here they meet Sergey Brin, and both of them together started the search engine named Google in 1996.
  • It was a very simple search engine at the beginning and it soon gained popularity all over the world.
  • In 1998 Larry and Brin launched Google Inc., a company with a loan of US $ 10 million, which is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley.(Larry Page and the Success story of Google)

Important facts about Google

  • Google soon became the world's favorite
  • In 2004, Google's stock market was dropped, which gave Larry Page and Sergey Brin a billionaire status.
  • Gmail's most popular service, Gmail, was launched on April 1, 2004,
  • Gmail's Trick You Should Know
  • On November 14, 2006, Google acquired the world's most popular and largest video library, which you have known as youtube.
  • On April 30, 2009, Google launched the first Android operating system for mobile phones, which became so popular that till now the world has been seized on mobile phones
  • Funny things about YouTube(Larry Page and the Success story of Google)

So far, Larry Page's Google World was stuck
In September 2013, Forbes Magazine put Larry at the number three position in the list of the world's richest people.
Many of Google's best features are free of charge, among which Gmail, YouTube, Google Translate and social networking site Google Plus are main additions to Google search.

Change Google Search and Google + Background

The main source of Google's earnings is from ads shown on Google which are displayed through a platform called Google's AdSense, if you are a Blogger, you must know the importance of AdSense.

In this way, Larry Page has been honored with numerous awards for his outstanding work, including the Marconi Foundation Prize, Global Leader for Tomorrow, Technical Excellence Award. , Webby Award, People's Voice Award, Search Engine Award,
More recently, about filmmaker Karan Johar said of Google: "We always search all the information before making any film. When we make a film, then the whole thing gets researched. I do not think there will be any filmmaker whose work can run without Google."

It is only Larry's day-night hard work that today in the world, most people start Internet (Internet) from Google, the internet is becoming easier for them day by day. Thanks to Larry Page!

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Larry Page and the Success story of Google

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