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Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story

Whole Life story of Kapil Sharma from an ordinary person to best comedian.

Today I will tell you a very good information. This information is about such a person. Which is considered to be the biggest Khiladi of comedy world in today's time. I will tell you some important and interesting facts about Kapil Sharma in this post today which you probably will not know. Because Kapil Sharma is one of India's very big comedians. And along with Kapil Sharma has started working in the movie right now.(Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story)

Kapil Sharma's shows are seen not only in India but also outside. So below I am telling you some interesting facts about Kapil Sharma. See you well and you will know how Kapil Sharma has been living. What has Kapil Sharma done since childhood till today? And how Kapil Sharma reached here.

Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story

Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story

Interesting facts about Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma is a human being. Because of his comedy, he has made his name in his home house. And today, Kapil Sharma knows the baby child. Whether it is a comedy circus comedy nights with Kapil, his comedy is not only discussed in India, but Kapil Sharma has been recognized due to comedy all over the world.

1. The real name of Kapil Sharma is Kapil Punj. He changed his name so that the name of Kapil Sharma would give him more personality and he would like to be happy. And he will soon become popular in the hearts of the people, and in reality this happened Kapil Sharma soon became popular among the people.

2. Most of the people in Kapil Sharma's family have been in the police force. And Kapil Sharma's father was also a constable in Punjab Police.

3. Kapil Sharma has worked in many places in his childhood. He has also worked in PCO. And also worked at the clothing store and at the General Store store.

4. Kapil wanted to be a singer since childhood. But the subject of music could not be taken in the college. That's why they joined a theater, they thought. Here he will learn acting also. And a few songs will also learn.

5. Kapil Sharma has worked in a film before coming to Comedy Circus which was the name of the movie. Understand emotions It was a home video movie. This movie was released directly on VCD and DVD, which was not released in the theater.(Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story)

6. Before Kapil Sharma became popular, Kapil's father died in 2004. His father was a cancer patient since 1997. And from that time Kapil started working at two places. And used to put all the money on his father's treatment.

7. Kapil Sharma told that his father was suffering from cancer. So they had a lot of trouble.

8. He now once told in his interview that he did not have the money to keep his dad in the private room at that time. And he kept his dad in the hospital corridor only.

9. The Kapil was very keen that if his father saw his success he would be very happy. Kapil had a dream. That he should drive his dad on the ship and he would turn his father around the whole world. But this never happened, but Kapil, in the memory of his father, put an extra seat on the ship one day and kept that seat empty.

10. During Kapil's time Kapil was very famous because of his area. Because of which, his college gave scholarships to him and Kapil was very weak in the case. But even then, in a joke, he joined the course of Commercial Arts because he joined this course. Because that course was the most expensive course of college. After graduation in commercial arts, Kapil did a computer science diploma and he says that he did not have any class in both courses, and did this course to do the college in Representatives in Theater Competition.

11. After completing the college, Kapil Sharma found it difficult to find a job and then he worked in the course of a Punjabi band course group, he used to act in people's marriage or culture festival. For which he got ₹ 300 of 1 show.

12. Kapil Sharma's mother told in an interview that when Kapil's father had died. So all the money was spent for their treatment. And Kapil had also lost money to perform his funeral. In that case, Kapil demanded some money from his friends and then performed his father's funeral.

13. Kapil Sharma took part in Punjabi computation after the death of his father, which was named after him. Laugh, and from there Kapil thought that he would pay attention to his comedy instead of acting and music.

14. Kapil Sharma was starting to make his own identity in TV Industry. So he gave the Great Indian Laughter Challenge audition But they were not chosen yet they did not give up and after that they went to another city again and auditioned and they were selected there. And Kapil Sharma won that show too.

15. In the life of Kapil Sharma, the Great Indian Laughter Challenge came in a very important time. When they needed a lot of work after the death of their father and together with their sister had to get married too. So when Kapil became the winner of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge, due to the money won by him, he married his sister and after that he started from here.(Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story)

16. Comedy Night with Kapil playing the role of a servant in Kapil. His name is Raju and he is Kapil's childhood friend. The school and theater have done together. Raju was before Kapil. Who was selected in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

17. When Kapil Sharma started Comedy Night with Kapil, none of his actors wanted to come. But once Kapil once said, Dharmendra agreed to come to his show, so Kapil Dharmendra ji always called Thanks. Appear.

18. Comedy Nights with Kapil's show format. He has been taken from the UK show The Kmars At Nmber 42, in that show also shows the story of a family. The way Kapil Sharma shows in his show

19. Comedy Nights with Kapil Show closed. According to his contract, Kapil can not use any character or his punch line in any other show so you must have seen. That all the characters in the Kapil Sharma show were changed.

20. When Kapil Sharma went to UK to perform his acting. Without being summoned, UK Defense Ministry Jason Kenney came to see his performance and Kapil Sharma is very surprised that this is a strong example of Kapil's foreign popularity.

21. When Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma fought, this was heard in the hearing. That Kapil throws his shoe at Sunil, but Kapil says. There was nothing like that. He said this in the launch of the movie Firangi movie trailer. He said that I did not think bad about this. That's what people are saying about us in the media. But the worst happened to me when the men of any team did not tell the media themselves that it was really like that. Whether or not the two comedians stopped working together and due to which Kapil's populality decreased considerably.

22. When Kapil Sharma was in the Depression. At that time, Shah Rukh Khan was the closest one at that time, who helped Kapil but it was told in the news. That Shahrukh Khan is upset with Kapil because he canceled the show. But Kapil says that nothing like this happened. And Shahrukh Khan only advised them that you do not think of the show right before the show.

23. When Kapil Sharma's show was closed. And at that time he used to live in his office. And he stayed in his office continuously for 3 weeks.

24. The moment Kapil Sharma was in depression. At that time Kapil Sharma did not let his mother know about this at all and where he left his mother, he was busy working for the cause of his film Firangi.

25. Firangi is the second movie of Kapil Sharma. In which he rolled the actor's role. And for them, this film is even more important. Because her mother is her mother and her nephew in a song of this movie.(Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story)

26. The film is related to the firangi theme Kapil and his family. He told in an interview that when India was not free, a member of his family saved a British man's life. And that British man had offered him a job.

27. Rajeev Dhingra, who is Kapil's childhood friend And who has worked with him in Comedy Circus and Comedy Nights with Kapil. He was making a Punjabi film in 2011 with Kapil and Diljeet, whose name was Jalandhar Barapas and Scripting Or Location was fixed but due to some controversy in the production, this film could not be made.

28. Kapil has also contributed a lot in making Punjabi film Love Punjab which is a hit of regional cinema. Film director Rajeev Dhingra wanted to make this film along with Kapil but Kapil told him to make a film first and show me that I will work with you and Rajiv has also given Kapil to Firangi Movie after the release of Love Punjab Movie. Signed.

29. Kapil gives credit to his parents for being a comedian, he said that he was absolutely serious from his childhood but his parents were always cheerful. His mother still says that I do not know where it became a comedian.

30. Kapil has a dream. He said that he would make an old age home. He told this in an interview. In that he said that I want to make such a old age home where all old people can live comfortably like a five-star hotel without money. "Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story"

31. Kapil Sharma has been very attached to dogs since childhood. And he himself kept a dog sail. Whose name is chained. And he's a police retire dog.

32. Kapil did not make his name in the comedian world, but his name is also counted in Forbes Magazine. And their name also comes in India's rich celebrities. Apart from this, he has also been given the award by President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015. Because he has contributed a lot in the healthy India campaign.

33. Sachin Tendulkar has since retired from cricket. Every year after that Kapil Sharma calls Sachin. And they are asked to come to the show but Kapil said that they do so. He has got a lot of friendship with Sachin. And he said that one day he will bring Sachin to his show.

We have a post today to tell you some important information and interesting facts about Kapil Sharma, India's most famous and well known comedian. And perhaps you will also be seeing every show of Kapil Sharma. You will definitely want to know about this comedian. Then you must read this information as told by us. So if you like this post, do not forget to share it and if you have any questions or suggestions about it, then please comment by commenting in the comment box below.

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Kapil Sharma Biography & Success Story

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