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How to protect sensitive skin?

Skin test is highly recommended

Before using any new beauty products on the skin, test your skin sensitivities as necessary. Place this substance in addition to the skin and any other part of the body, for example, behind the ear. Inspect it up to 24 hours. If there is any kind of rash, itching or any other problem on your skin then this product is not for you. If there are no such symptoms, then you can use this product.

How to protect sensitive skin?

How to protect sensitive skin?

Read about the product first

Place the habit of reading labels of products. Avoid products of skin that are made from highly flavored substances and preservatives like Paraben. These products are the main cause of skin irritation and itching. According to experts, the fewer substances found in a product, the more effective it is. Most of the products in which a lot of substances are found in them contain high levels of irritation.

Healthy eating 

Another effective way to keep sensitive skin healthy and beautiful is to have a healthy diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and substances. Water and fruit juice give moisture to the skin and remove toxin from the body. They also get bloated skin.

Moisturize your face

The most desirable body of sensitive skin is sufficient water in the body so that the skin is not dry. Take a moisturizer according to your sensitivity skin. Try taking organic moisturizer. Use it two times a day, in the morning & evening. Do not forget to protect the skin from external pollutants and other dirt.(How to protect sensitive skin)

Carefully wash the face

Washing the face requires good technique and hardly scrubbing the skin and scrubbing it out loud is absolutely unfair. Take a gentle face wash and apply it on the skin. Keep in mind that it is so mild that you have to scrub the face firmly in order to apply it. Take a face wash that is made for sensitive skin and cleanse your pores and keep them from dirt. Wash the skin thoroughly after wipe it and then apply moisturizer.

Avoiding sunlight in the sensitive skin

The sun's rays on the sensitive skin have the risk of rashes and skin deterioration. To protect the skin, cover it with scarves, hats and glasses. Spf spray 15 or more sunscreen lotions and leave the house.

Avoid cosmetics that contains excessive chemicals 

Being sensitive skin does not mean that you should stay away from make-up, but it is mandatory to take caution. Put mineral or silicon powder because it does not have any burning substance. Put the eyeliner with the help of pencil and do not use liquids. Do not use water proof mascara. To remove it, a hard cleaning cleanser is required.

Apply sunscreen lotion

If your skin is sensitive to the sun, do not forget to put moisturizer before you exit. This keeps your skin safe from the very best. But keep in mind that moisturizer may be applied 20 minutes before leaving the sun. This gives the skin time to absorb the moisturizer and your skin is absolutely safe. Use such a lotion that protects you from the sun's uvb and uva rays.(How to protect sensitive skin)

Cleansers for sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive then use an effective cleanser. The clenzer should be such that it contains the amount of glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Both of these acids play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. These cleansers loose the dead cells and play an important role in growing them again. It keeps the skin healthy and there is less risk of any type of inaccuracy. Use the cleanser before going to bed at night, otherwise it increases the sensitivity of the skin even more.

Minimum exfoliation is required

If your skin is sensitive then it will not be right to excolize it. According to your skin, once a week, make sure to exfoliate it. This leaves the dead cells of the skin and the face is fresh. But keep in mind that do not exaggerate sensitive skin much. It can cause the skin to worsen.(How to protect sensitive skin)

Use products without any fragrance

In the summer your skin becomes more sensitive. This is also the time when we use a lot of aromatic substances and perfume. But if your skin is sensitive then please do not use these substances. Use such a product without scent in such time. Fine fragrance products contain a lot of chemicals, so their use is not exactly right. Apart from this fragrance also causes irritation of the skin.

Wash your brush and sponge everyday

When your skin is sensitive then you should be alerted about your makeup and other goods. When you use brush and sponge to do makeup, clean them daily by remembering them. Wash them with warm water and a gentle detergent and then leave them to dry. These things you apply directly on the skin, so be extra careful with them.

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