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Glowing pinkish cheeks at home


Getting pink cheeks is like a dream for the girls. Pink cheeks are considered a symbol of beauty and offer a glamorous look. Pink makeup can be found by make-up, but it is a temporary way. Here are some home remedies, which by which face can be globally pinked like a rose.

Glowing pinkish cheeks at home
Glowing pinkish cheeks at home

Men are always attracted towards female with pink cheeks. Whenever you plan for going out for parties, make a pink make-up on cheeks becomes an important issue. But, if you have pink cheeks without any makeup then what will happen? Women tend to make pink or red makeup on gel usually to look different from the crowd. Now it is possible for natural ingredients  to be obtained by some natural materials.

Follow Simple Steps: 

Meal - The only way to get healthy skin is to have the right and equal food. Less food or not is not good for health. Daily take your meal in four parts - breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. Always include fish, chicken, milk products such as curd and milk, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables in your healthy diet.

Exercise and Hydration - Exercise regularly You can get bright and beautiful skin by consuming more quantity of water and fruit juice.

Rubbing - By regularly massaging the scrub with a light hand, you can easily find the soft and pink cheeks; scrubbing can get rid of dead cells and the skin color also blossoms.

Light bleaching - Mixing soda and lemon juice together, the skin is pink and soft.

Fill the short comings - Vitamin E and C are very essential for natural beauty. Dry skin and cheeks and torn lips can be due to vitamin E and C deficiency. Take the doctor's advice for its intake. In addition to this, add cream and vitamin E capsules of orange peel and apply it on your skin for 20 minutes and wash with hot water.

Anger and fatigue - stay away from anger and fatigue. Try to control anger by yoga and meditation. The main cause of fatigue is the lack of sleep. You will feel refreshed by completing your sleep and you will be able to physically shine on the skin.

Correct Massage - Now massage the right directions in the direction of this, blood transfusion in the skin will be correct and the skin will bloom like a rose. Washing the skin with water often and again is beneficial, because the skin seems to be bloated.

Glowing pinkish cheeks with FRUITS, VEGGIES & OTHER HOME INGREDIENTS

--Make a paste by mashing two bananas and let it remain for 20 minutes on the skin, when it comes to pleasure then wash it with water. This face pack is very beneficial for pink accent.

--Clean the face and boil stir the roots of the mashed fruit and wash it with cold water after 20 minutes. This will help in your pink cheeks.

--Mix the salad in 30 minutes raw milk and then make a paste. Spread it on the face for 20 minutes and wash it with water. It's a good idea to get pink acceleration.

--Grains, bread and milk paste can also be applied to you for 20 minutes on face. Pink color can also be found by feeding cucumber on the face.

--Applying the cucumber pulp on the face gives pink color and black spots are missing. The cucumber is a good medium for skin whitening and excelting it.

--Make a domestic pack of cucumbers, lemon juice, honey, milk and gram flour and make a thick paste and keep it in the fridge for 4-5 hours. After this put it on the face and get pink skin.

--Put a little turmeric powder in the lemon juice and apply its mixture on the face, it gives the benefits of bleaching and it is also a good treatment for wrinkles and dry skin.
Massage the face with milk and lemon juice.  This increases blood circulation and cheeks fall in pink. Mix grated almond paste, ground rose petals, mint juice and honey and put them on the face.

Washes your face

Always wash face with warm hot water. This will keep the skin clean and the cheeks will come in pink.

Home remedies for black stains of facial and cheeks

Sprinkle sugar for 3 to 4 minutes on wet cheeks and then wash them. This will make the cheeks pink in a week. Try to blush the cheeks while doing massage. Get help from fingers in cheeks massage.

The dead skin of the face causes lifeless and tanned face. Because of this, the true color of your skin is covered. You can now find pink cheeks by exposing the natural substances.

Washing the face with warm water increases blood circulation in cheeks, causing cheeks to be pink.

Exercises of cheeks and face properly have become a necessity in today's era. To keep them healthy, rub the skin in the spherical currency. When you are wearing a lotion or cream on the face, apply it by moving it from the bottom to the top. It will not loose your skin with aging.

You can also remove skin toxins by exercising. Due to the abundance of oxygen and nutrition in skin muscles, your color will also grow.

Pink cheeks by drinking plenty of water

Drinking more water is good for health. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily, so that all the toxins in the body are washed with water. Because mouth and lips are wet with water, hence pink cheeks are easily available.

Good cuisine is very important to get the curvy and attractive pink cheeks. Eat food that is rich in arttoinide. Red, orange and yellow fruits also prove to be very beneficial in this situation.

The main ingredients that are eaten at this time are capsicum, carrot, tomato etc. Fruits containing vitamin C and vitamin E are also very effective in this condition.

Kitchen remedies for glowing pink skin

You can now get many types of prescriptions from the kitchen, which will make your cheeks soft like kids. If you want to make cheeks too pink, then these are some of the methods: -

1. Applying on the cheeks by applying the cotton balls  in apple vinegar, the color of the cheeks becomes pink.

2. Make a pack of honey, cucumbers, lemon juice and milk and get pink color by putting them on the face and cheeks.

3. You can also use vegetable juice such as beetroot or carrot. The mixture of sugar and beetroot will be the best treatment.


Pink color can be found easily and safely by natural remedies and correct routines. And using artificial substances is very harmful to the skin. Natural methods are for cheap and long time.

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