Tuesday, September 11, 2018

10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone

Your Android phone is totally secure with these following tips:

10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone
10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone

1- Download new applications only from Google Play store-

The biggest advantage of Android phones is that most applications are available in the world for this platform, and millions of them are available in free. Most people download applications from unreliable sites for a new application on their mobile. There is a danger of malware and spyware.

2- Do not download unnecessary applications

Keep your phone clean as much as possible, many people download the application unnecessarily in their phone, so that the speed of the phone decreases considerably and the other virus is also vulnerable, only necessary applications of work Download only

3- Use password lock / pin lock for phone

Most people use ordinary lock in their smart phones, but at the time it becomes useless, when your phone is lost, your data can be easily used by any person, but in password lock or pin lock Its probability is very low.

4- Turn on your phone's Bluetooth when you need it

Most phones have Bluetooth always on, it is easier to hack your phone when Bluetooth is turned on, so turn on your phone only when you need it, otherwise keep it off.(10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone)

5- Must use a remote control function in your phone

In any case, if you lose your phone, you can easily find your phone through the remote control function, it helps your phone to tell its location using GPS, as well as keep your data safe.

6- Keep a backup of your phone

Be sure to back up your Android phone because sometimes you have to format or reset it, you will get your data back, if you wish, you can also backup your phone online so that the data can be easily acquired in any phone Could.

7- Must Use Good Antivirus-

Android phones are useless without the internet, and if there is internet then virus attacks are likely to happen in an unknown way, so use a good antivirus and keep it updated.

8- Avoid buying cheap memory cards-

China has very cheap memory cards in the market, which we buy very quickly and also store their required data in these memory cards, after some time the memory card itself gets spoiled, or hangs up the phone Therefore, buy the good company's own memory card.(10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone)

9- Keep a cloud backup of data-

Now the cloud service is providing very good and free services, so you can get a cloud backup of your data, so that the phone can get lost or lost in the situation easily, you can easily get your needed data again.

10- charge only with original charger-

Sometimes it happens that if we have lost the charger of our Android phone, we charge our Android phone by charging a charger from the market, but by doing so, you can damage the Android phone, but the good company itself is the charger itself. Charge the phone.

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(10 Tips To Secure Your Android Phone)

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