Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Magical finger

Magical finger - it is an awesome site that entertains you. we like it's simply there. 

Magical finger

How magical finger works

What it does is find your cursor on PC screen or point your finger on mobile and discover a photo with individuals pointing towards that area on the screen. We've been playing with it for some time now, and have never observed a similar picture twice.

How it works on mobile phones 

  1. Click on MAGIC FINGER
  2. A new window will open
  3. Then,  click anywhere on screen
  4. See finger magic
  5. A picture will display on your screen,  where you clicked,  there will be a new picture with finger on that area
  6. Click again anywhere 
  7. Always new pic will pop up


The site magical finger  essentially expects you to move your cursor– pointer—to a point on your PC screen. Once your cursor is still, a photograph of a man pointing at your pointer shows up. Move your cursor, and up pops another photograph of a man pointing at your pointer. Slide your curser to another area on the screen, and, well, you get it. The photographs are really awesome. A great deal of the pictures are of youngsters pointing while at the same time celebrating. There is additionally a person on a vessel holding a lager and pointing, a Baltimore Oriole strolling onto the field pointing and a little child sitting in his auto situate pointing. A concealed Facebook Like catch is uncovered after you have seen no less than five photographs of individuals pointing.

Google Analytics uncovered that more than 300,000 individuals had just observed it, and Pointer had amassed 4,000 Facebook Likes.

Click here to go to pointerpointer site. 

Magical finger

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